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The Foundations of Simply Bread: Four Ingredients...



Simply Bread

Simply Bread is a small bakery specialized in naturally leavened bread. All products are handcrafted using only organic flour and high quality ingredients topped with an extra dose of love! 

Long Fermentation


The loaves are fermented for a minimum of 20 hours and finally baked in a stone-lined oven.
By eating naturally-leavened and long-fermented bread, you get all the benefits from its process:
The bacteria and the yeast in the sourdough culture work together to predigest the starches and to break down the gluten protein, making it easier to digest.

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Simply Bread is a real treat! Paula puts a lot of time, love and excellent ingredients in everything she bakes. With a crispy crust and a tender and lightly soft crumb (the inside part) the artisan bread is both delicate and sturdy. Without a doubt a bread complying with the highest French standards!


Paula's bread is our family’s favorite! Our daughter has a gluten intolerance so we always get the sourdough which is incredibly delicious and our daughter Loves it!  Her bread is always fresh with the best ingredients, and when you eat it you can tell!!

Paula’s “Simply Bread” is all natural and delicious! Paula is a baking artisan with a skill for mastering the science behind creating breads. What makes her breads unique from all others is that every loaf is created with love. I have been a customer for about a year, and I find her breads the tastiest, freshest and healthiest (no preservatives) in the area. Give her bread a try…. you will become a fan and loyal customer like me….

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